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Collective Noun Bullfinch Wallet

The colourful Collective Noun range from Disaster Designs showcases a group of designs which beautifully illustrate various species of birds and animals in glorious plurality. Each item features detailed depictions with a title which includes the word for the species when they are in a group, for example a‘Bellowing’ of Bullfinches. The labels on the range explain the concept more fully:

‘a noun that is singular in form but that refers to a group of animals, people or things’.

The Bullfinch Wallet is made of soft faux leather. The front is printed in icy light blue, with sprays of white foliage. Against this background light-hearted bullfinches flutter, or perch among the branches. The birds are printed in black, with peach-coloured breasts and grey wings. The other side of the wallet is of sky blue faux leather and embroidered with a single bullfinch in flight. The wallet interior is lined in pale pink fabric and divided by a plastic, zipper-closed coin compartment. There are four credit card pockets and an additional note pocket. The wallet is closed by a metal zipper, which has a double grosgrain blue ribbon tag attached, printed with the words,

‘A Bellowing of BULLFINCHES’.

A very pretty and useful wallet, with a universal appeal, from teenagers to mothers and grandmothers!

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